Becoming a member

The Arbeitskreis Omega-3 e. V. offers members a forum for the exchange and coordination of mutual interests.

Valuable contacts can be established and specialised aspects can be discussed with experts. Membership is a prerequisite for the testing of Omega-3 products if they should bear the signet of Arbeitskreis Omega-3.

Membership is especially recommended for the following:

  • providers of products that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and that can be easily included in the concept of healthy nutrition
  • suppliers that provide food producers with fish oil, DHA made of vegetable sources, compounds, and/or intermediate products
  • associations/organisations

The statutes of the Arbeitskreis Omega-3 e. V. thus provide for the following:

Members of the Arbeitskreis Omega-3 e. V. organisation can be natural persons, legal persons under private and public law, and associations of people interested in realising the purpose of the organisation.

Within the scope of the membership in the organisation, full members (multiple voting right) and extraordinary members (single voting right) are differentiated.

The Board of Management decides on the application for membership, which must be made in writing; this application must indicate whether the application is for full or extraordinary membership. If the application is rejected, the applicant does not have to be informed about the reasons.

Advantages for members

  • The Arbeitskreis Omega-3 is a forum for exchange and cooperation in regard to achieving mutual objectives.
  • Mutual interests can be coordinated.
  • For product development, experts are available as consultants.
  • Companies can have products checked by the Scientific Advisory Board; after successful testing, they may then put the signet of the Arbeitskreis Omega-3 e. V. on products and advertising materials.
  • The telephone hotline, operated by nutrition scientists, is available for exchange and the answering of questions – the telephone number can also be printed on product packaging and advertising materials.

Are you interested in membership?

Please contact:

Arbeitskreis Omega-3 e. V.
Iris Löhlein
Postfach 70 08 42
D-60558 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: 0049 – 69 – 96 36 52-36
Fax: 0049 – 69 – 96 36 52-15

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